Duo Trapeze Act by Milena & Christopher

„I almost got into a fight with Flic-Flac-Owner Benno Kasten over who gets to have Milena & Christopher in their Christmas Show. What those two do on the two trapezes is incredibly impressive.“

- Martin Krockauer, Manager Circus Flic Flac -

As the title already implies, this Duo Trapeze Act is about the different dimensions that Milena & Christopher create when they constantly change positions in space by swinging in between their two trapezes. Conducted by the diversified music the movements of their bodies follow the poetic path of disassociation and coherence.


"The act is based on what we like.

We like musicality. We like technique. We like innovation. We like different perspectives.

All this combined and a little bit of something are the ingredients of our act.

Something like changes. Changes of the weather. Changes of expectations and directions.

Something like the course of life that has its highs and lows. 

Something like a relation that influences the path we go."

Download the technical rider to "Perspectives" here:
Technical-Rider Milena & Christopher-Per
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